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MDS Admission

Looking for MDS Admission ?

Supreme Court has given many verdicts in this regard. So please note, if you want to take MDS admission in any dental college in India you must pass the NEET-MDS exam. In India, very few people choose Dentistry as a profession. But the fact is that there is a huge demand for this profession and there are a lot of opportunities in this field. According to World Health Organization (WHO), in India, we have only one dentist for 10000 people. In other words ratio is 1:10000. In villages, situation is even worse. There this ratio is 1:25000. You can see the big opportunity here for dentists. This clearly indicates the huge shortage of dentists in India.

MDS Admission

The government of India made NEET exam mandatory for admission to all colleges in the field and of Health-related Sciences.

Basic qualification to become a dentist is BDS or Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This is a graduate level course. Conducting the basic dental treatments like removing decay from teeth and fill cavities, diagnosing oral diseases and prescribing the medicines, put braces in the teeth or extracting the teeth, this qualification is enough. But in this age of hyper-specialization, people come to dental clinics for more sophisticated treatments, surgeries, and procedures like facial trauma care, smile designing, facio-maxillary surgery etc. There is even a specialized branch of even child dentistry. So it is highly desirable to go for MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) after BDS. An MDS will promptly equip a dentist will specialization in the advanced dental procedure. And it will subsequently help him/her to have better job prospects in India or abroad.


How to choose a College for MDS Admission ?

While selecting a college of PG Courses after BDS, you need to cross check two factors.

  • A lot of patients should come there for treatment. It is important because you will get ample Opportunities to put into practice what you have learned.
  • That College should have very good faculty, especially Head of the Department. Because you are going to rely on them heavily in your studies and you can’t take it for granted any problem in that area.

Even if, you are going for MDS Admission through Management quota, you have to make sure that the colleges where you are going to join fulfill the above criteria.

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MDS Admission in Bangalore

Bangalore has long been considered as an educational hub, especially for health-related sciences. There are a lot of top-rated Dental colleges in Bangalore which are famous for its quality education, excellent faculty, and professional atmosphere. Is NEET MDS exam mandatory to get MDS admission through management quota or NRI quota? NEET is mandatory for getting admission in MDS or PG medical admission in India. It has become mandatory through a Supreme Court Order.

Specialties of Our MDS Admission Guidance Program

Below are the specialties of our direct admission in mds guidance program. Please go through it thoroughly. You will understand a lot about our Services.

  • You can book your management quota seats for MDS in advance. This facility will help you to secure your MDS management quota seats in Karnataka in any of the dental colleges in Bangalore or anywhere in India.
  • You can pay your fee in easy installments.
  • We will give guidance only to those dental colleges which are affiliated and recognized by Dental Council of India, and will also provide you with the information related to MDS fees in private dental colleges.


There are a lot of fake educational consultancies and agents out there to mislead students and their parents. People who have zero experience in educational guidance try to act as experts in this field. Once they get somebody as their clients, they will charge huge amount of money as their consulting fee and dump them in any colleges that don’t have any recognition, infrastructure, or trained faculty. Hundreds of students have become their preys and lost all their money.


If you are looking for the service of an education consultancy for direct admission in MDS in India make sure that they have enough genuine experience in this field MDS Admission and their enough credentials and credibility to validate their claims. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have qualified in NEET MDS Exam and need mds seats in India under Management quota guidance related to MDS admission.

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