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MD MS Admission

Getting MD MS Admission

Normally, when it comes to getting an MD MS Admission, the first choice of the students must be NEET PG medical entrance examination. Unfortunately not many students can pass the NEET PG medical entrance examination for MD admission or MS admission. Here a lot of students prefer to get Direct Admission in MD MS through Management Quota. This is really a good option, provided you are getting professional and experienced guidance in this matter. But in order to get MD MS Admission under management /NRI quota, student needs to qualify in NEET PG exam as mandated by Supreme Court of India. Medical Profession is one of the most chosen career options in India. So many parents begin studying through nuances of MBBS, MD and MS courses and its admission procedures even if their kids are in the high school.

MD MS Admission

If students can qualify in the NEET PG medical entrance examination, obviously, it would be the ideal way to get into Medical PG courses like MD or MS.

That much seriousness Indian parents have about getting their child a medical admission. We can sight a lot of social and psychological reason behind this kind of behavior. Nevertheless, the majority of the parents want to see their son/daughter have a successful career in the Medical profession. But it is not enough to have only an MBBS degree to be successful in the medical profession. A specialization with MS course or MD course is a must for getting a doctor job in any of the top class hospitals. Patients too trust doctors who have got additional degrees apart from MBBS. Students are regularly misguided or cheated by dishonest consultancies or agents who deliberately guide them to medical institutions that have poor infrastructure, under- qualified faculty and sometimes zero authorization to conduct the medical courses.


Generally, such fraudulent agents take the advantage of naive students and make them pay a huge amount of money as donation or capitation fee. And what they get in return is sub-standard training. It can even jeopardize their future career prospect as a medical doctor. If a student wants to achieve his or her lifelong dream of getting into medical profession with MD MS branch, he or she should be cautious about these types of fraud educational consultancies or agents. You will find these types of deceitful people everywhere who act as professionals. Their only aim is to get money and dump you somewhere. Students have to choose the correct educational consultancy who have got years’ of experience in helping students to get admission for MD MS Seats in private medical college.  To get direct admission in MD MS in a good, reputed medical institution, you need knowledgeable guidance. Professional guidance from an experienced education consultancy save a lot of money, time and even save your future.

Before seeking MD MS admission you need to have answers to the following questions.


  • Best MS or MD institutes in different states along with the details of specializations that suit your particular requirement, budget, future plan.
  • Fee details for MD MS admission (you need to plan your budget)
  • PG medical admission criteria at various colleges.
  • PG course details from different institutions
  • How many MD MS seats in India under each state?
  • Are there any separate criteria for PG medical admission in private medical colleges?
  • Is there any management quota in private medical college for MD MS in India?
  • If so what is the fee for Management quota fees for Direct MD MS Admission?
  • Is there any MD MS Admission through NRI Quota? If so what is the fee for it?
  • Is it possible to get medical PG admission without donation?
  • Are there any changes in rules for MD MS admission ?

If you are a student and your ambition is to establish your career in the medical profession, you need expert guidance in getting direct admission in MD MS Medical PG Diploma course. It is not a good time for guesswork because it is entirely about your life and career. You need proper counseling and guidance about various MD MS courses, to take a decision about the specialization you want. Be aware of the fee structure various private medical colleges in order to see which one matches your budget. You should get information about everything early enough so that you get sufficient time to arrange the necessary monetary resources for the admission and further education.

A professional educational agency can help you enormously here to get into the correct PG medical college that will complement your budget and future career. A professional PG Medical admission consultant can swiftly find solutions to the problems which can pop up at any points of your admission procedure. Even though you can try to solve the problems by yourself but a best MD MS admission consultant can give you better customized solution to accommodate the needs of would-be PG medical students. These days one of the problems Medical PG aspirants are facing; is proper guidance or at least they do not have knowledge about the professional educational consultants in this field.


Frequently, these students become the prey of fraud consultancies and end up in getting admission in unauthorized, sub-standard medical institutions, which adversely affects their career as medical doctors. Whenever we meet an aspiring student for MD MS admission, we give the best possible guidance to them. As we know that we are guiding them to fulfil their life’s dream. Dream of their parent to see his or her child as a doctor and live an honourable and decent life. Life of a student, he or she wants to become a medical doctor and get prominently settled in life. We have watched the fulfilment of the massive number of dreams through our career as an educational consultancy.


For us, these instances of joy, happiness and satisfaction that we see in our students’ lives give us the biggest prize. It out-weighs the money we charge for our services.

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