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MBBS Admission

Looking for MBBS Admission ?

With the Introduction of National Eligibility cum entrance test (NEET-UG) has changed the country scenario for MBBS admission. Our nation has achieved tremendous progress in the field of medical education and research since independence. We are proud to have many world-class medical institutions with state of art infrastructure and well equipped associated hospitals. A lot of Indian doctors who did their medical education from Indian medical colleges have become world’s greatest medical practitioners and scientists. Both private, as well as government medical colleges, are doing their best to advance the betterment of medical education in India.


MBBS Admission

Do you dream to become MBBS doctor? Then Direct admission in MBBS is the process to fulfil that dream. MBBS is one of the most sought-after professional courses in India.

Traditionally, a medical practitioner has a high social status in Indian society. People treat doctors as representatives of God who save human life. That is the reason, still, many of the parents want their children to get into the medical profession. If a student is good at his or her studies, the medical profession has become one of his or her natural choices for the future career. From a very early period onwards parents very actively look for the ways to get mbbs admission for their children. In spite of having a lot of very good medical colleges here, many parents and students struggle to get some kind of professional career guidance related to medical admission. Getting mbbs admission should be a pleasant landmark in the lives of student and parent. But instead of that, in most cases, it has become a scary nightmare due to a lot of reasons that can be avoided with genuine professional help and guidance.

There are unscrupulous consultancies and agents who want to exploit the gullibility of students and their parents and make them pay astronomical amounts to get admission in substandard medical schools. Usually, people from higher class has no problem in paying for the management quota in MBBS admission in private colleges. If we examine what is happening related to the private medical college admission, we are clearly seeing this trend. Demand for management seats in MBBS is increasing.


Many talented students from economically backward sections may not be able to afford management seats in MBBS. Lack of money should not a barrier for them to fulfill their dream. We take special care to guide them to get to those colleges where direct admission in mbbs without donation is possible. We can even help economically poor talented students to get direct admission in mbbs at low cost. We have been helping and guiding students and their parents to get MBBS admissions that completely at par with their future plans, financial condition, and social status.

What you should know before admission ?

In order to fulfill his lifelong dream, one should be very much cautious about choosing the correct guidance. You may find crooks potentially everywhere acting as expert educational consultants. Their only aim is to rob you of your money, your dream and your child’s future. To get MBBS direct admission in a good medical college, you need expert guidance. Don’t ever look for shortcuts just to save few bucks. Proper guidance from a well experienced MBBS consultancy can save a lot of money, time and even save your child’s future. Before seeking admission in MBBS you need to find detailed information regarding the following questions.


  •  fee details ( you need to plan your budget)
  •  Admission criteria at various colleges.
  • MBBS eligibility for different courses
  • Course details from different institutions
  • Best MBBS institutes in different states along with the details of specializations that suit your particular requirement, budget, future plans etc.

They definitely have some more questions like the following


  • Is NEET entrance exam is the only eligibility criteria for MBBS admissions in India?
  • Is there any MBBS direct admission? If so what is the MBBS direct admission fee?
  • How many medical seats are there in each state?
  • Is there any specific standards for MBBS admission in private medical colleges?
  • Is there any management quota seats? If so what is the fee for management quota fees?
  • Is there any availability for admission in MBBS without donation?
  • Is there any changes in rules for MBBS admission ?

Why Choose us

We are known as the genuine mbbs admission consultancy in India for admission in MBBS through management quota and under NRI seat admission in top medical colleges of Bangalore and Karnataka. We can get mbbs admission in all the private medical colleges through management quota. We have a highly dedicated team of network partners who work closely with medical colleges in Bangalore. So we can assure you a 100% guarantee in mbbs admission in any college you choose.


Our channel partners will make it possible once you decide the college. A large number of MBBS students who chose Career guidance with us succeeded in getting admission in these medical colleges. As a top-rated education consultancy with 100% safe and genuine admission records, we provide admission for MBBS to eligible candidates.


Another dilemma normally students or their parents face to choose the type, of course, they want to take. You will find different streams of medicines such as allopathy (Western Medicine), Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani and again Dental, physiotherapy etc. Normally the trend among most of the people is to apply for mbbs (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) or allopathy stream. After the completion of the course, students will be awarded a degree in western medicine. If a student goes for Ayurvedic specialization, he or she will get BAMS or Bachelor of Ayurveda Medical Science. In homeopathy, it is BHMS or Bachelor of Homeo Medical Science. Even there are medical schools which give training in Unani Medical treatment.


Most of the people are more conscious about the health benefits of Ayurveda. It is more eco-friendly, minimum side effect. India is considered as the birthplace of Ayurveda and our ancient medical practitioners have developed a whole new way of efficient medical treatment even well before the beginning of allopathy. Now people all over the world are visiting our nation for Ayurveda treatment. This ever-increasing popularity of Ayurveda has so many reasons. Firstly its medicines are mostly chemical free, eco-friendly and healing which we get are more holistic. If you choose to go for BAMS, you will have a promising career. Even in foreign countries, hospitals recruit Ayurveda doctors to provide an alternative treatment to their patients.

Homeopathy too has become a trusted health care system with the masses in our country. People are getting attracted to Homeo medicines because they are comparatively cheap and the result is quick. And the best part is that there won’t be any side effects. There are Homeopathy medical colleges in our country. A homeopathy medical degree is as valuable as a mbbs degree and gives you a solid career path in medicine.


Our teeth are an integral part of our body and giving proper care and attention to keep them healthy and hygienic is very important. Dental health is considered as one of the major factors in overall human health.


That is the reason, there is an overall exponentially growing demand for dental health professionals. BDS stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery. It is a medical field of surgery related to mouth and handling the injuries related to teeth, jaw, and gums. It is a five-year undergraduate degree program in dentistry to prepare students for a successful career as a dental surgeon. After the BDS, students can go for MDS (Master of Dental Surgery). Specializing in dental science is a good career option nowadays due to the growing awareness among the people about oral health and hygiene.

Another good option for students is BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy). Since the demand for specialized treatment for muscle and tissue ailments, BPT graduates have a promising career ahead. Almost most all multi-specialty hospitals have a good number of vacancies for physiotherapists. Apart from that even in rural and semi-rural areas, growing number of patients are asking for the specialized treatment from physiotherapists. There is a growing demand from Indian physiotherapists in Europe, Middle East, Canada and the United States.


As an educational agency, we are totally committed to being transparent, professional and ethical. Our price is highly competitive and best in the industry. Educareer360 has become the most trusted and familiar face among the Direct MBBS admission provider company. We have enough experience in making your mbbs admission process transparent and smooth. We have so far helped thousands of students to get mbbs admissions. Many of our clients have become doctors and specialists in the medical field, in India and abroad. Some of them have even become world famous medical scientists and surgeons. Educareer360 has got an immaculate record of helping the highest number of students to get mbbs direct admission in various prestigious medical institutions.

Educareer360 has a clearly defined process for any given MBBS admission. We want to involve students and their parents at every stage of their admission journey. Our admission counselors are continually in touch with our clients to make sure that we are together all through this way. Because, we know that it is ultimately the future of their kids, and we can’t afford to take any chance here.

Summary of our services


  • Student Guidance Service
  • Admission Counselling
  • Career Guidance
  • Team of Highly Qualified and Experienced Consultants with wide contacts in Medical Education field
  • Highly competitive fee package
  • Liaison with Academic Institutions, Colleges, Universities
  • Hassle free Processing
  • Provides a list of Colleges & University across Bangalore and Karnataka.
  • Colleges Admission Fee Structure.
  • Detailed Guidelines and Guidance for the different options of present and future Career Opportunities.
  • Admission Procedure, Form filling, timelines, Exam schedule, etc.


So if you get to know that somebody from your relatives, friends, or someone in your office are enquiring about Direct Admission in MBBS through Management Quota, don’t hesitate to connect them to us. When we get a fresh inquiry. First, we do is to try to understand their real needs, their future plans and their budget. Once we understand this, we go on to make a list of medical colleges that fit in their plan. Our real focus is to understand what our clients really need to fulfill that need with all our expertise and resources. We really want to deliver the result that our clients want to see.


We would always show the honest and clear picture about the MBBS admission procedure as well as the mbbs direct admission fee details for medical seats in Karnataka to students and their parents. There won’t be any ambiguity pertaining to anything in the MBBS admission process. We won’t surprise students or parents with any last minute unexpected cost. Everything will be shown up front and it greatly helps students to plan their financials.

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