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MBA Admission in India

MBA Admission in India

Some students also look for direct admission in MBA without entrance exams. For many students passing the entrance is the biggest challenge. Getting MBA admission in India through the entrance exam is their dream. If they get a chance to get MBA direct admission in an MBA college, it might change the course of their lives for good. Students really need some good guidance and orientation from experienced MBA Admission consultant and guides to make them aware of these opportunities to get direct admission in top MBA colleges. An MBA degree has got unprecedented significance in a person’s career path after India took a U-turn to steer away from the Nehruvian path of socialism and license-raj and opened up its door to private investment from Indian and foreign businesses.


MBA Admission in India

Getting MBA Admission in India in top colleges can literally revolutionize a student’s career path.

When businesses under private ownership started flourishing, demand for highly qualified business executives has gone up beyond anyone’s imagination. Having an MBA degree with a specialization in Marketing, Finance, HR, Information Systems etc. are mandatory for anybody who is looking for a management role in the private sector. Companies have become more specific about the type of specialization they want to see in their managerial executives’ credentials. Many of them even insist on selecting students for their employees from top MBA Colleges in India. All these indicate that an MBA Degree from top B-Schools in India is highly essential to step onto the corporate world in India. Even entrepreneurs now prefer for their MBA Admission to become more knowledgeable and effective in business. Traditional business families insist their new generation to complete their MBA before taking over the family business.


There are thousands of MBA colleges in India. Most of these Colleges are giving MBA degrees with specialization in various subjects like Finance, HR, Marketing, Information Systems, international trade etc. Some colleges even give MBA for some specific niches like telecom, petroleum, hospital administration, rural management, livestock management, hotel management, sports administration etc. This gives the candidate a unique advantage to thoroughly prepare for a particular career in a highly narrowed niche. This type of ultra-specialization makes them highly irreplaceable and they are eligible for high salaries along with a considerable amount of other perks.


Indian Institute of Management holds a special place in India’s B-Schools. All our IIMs are equivalent to Harvard, Yale or John Hopkins Universities in the US. Multinational companies from India and abroad queuing up to recruit IIM graduates. Every year more and more number of IIM graduates are recruited by fortune 500 companies with whopping perks and other benefits. There is an all India entrance examination and interview which is conducted every year for IIM admission. Since this entrance and subsequent interviews are highly competitive and difficult, only top brilliant students can crack these tests.

Apart from the IIMs, there are a number of top-level MBA Colleges are there in every state. Most of these B-Schools impart high level, business-oriented business training to its students and help them to get placed in good companies with high salaries. One can easily judge an MBA college simply by observing placement opportunities that college provides to their students. If an MBA college got a lot of good companies coming to their campus, then definitely that college must be maintaining some good standard. Some MBA colleges arrange entrepreneurs and well-known industrialists to come down to their college and give presentations to their students. Many of the B-Schools arrange field trips of business and industrial complexes to give students an idea about real-life business operations. Some B-Schools even arrange trips to foreign countries so that students get an idea about international business operations.

How we work

As an Educational Consultancy, we are totally committed to ethics and values. Our values have been our guiding light throughout our career in educational consultancy for MBA Admission in India. We are transparent, professional and ethical. Our price is highly competitive and best in the industry. We involve students or their parents in every step of the MBA Admission in India, admission process. We continuously communicate clearly with the concerned parties about each step of the admission process and ensure that all the concerned parties are well informed about everything.

Whenever a parent or students call us up and walk into our office to inquire about direct admission in MBA, we first try to understand more about them, their budget, what are their preferred states etc. for their MBA course. Once we understand these, we shortlist all Management colleges in India that suite their plan. Whenever we take up the MBA admission procedure for a student, we work for their best interest. We really want to give the best ROI for the time and money these parents and students spent for their admission in MBA. This single-minded focus on our clients has earned us the reputation of being the best educational agency for MBA Admission in India.

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