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Direct Admission in MBBS

Direct Admission in MBBS

Many parents start probing about how to get admission in medical colleges or get direct admission in MBBS, even when their kids reach the high school classes. There are a lot of social reasons for this ever growing demand for MBBS admission. The medical profession has been considered as a dignified job across all social levels. Let it be lower class, middle class or upper class, parents want their children to choose medical profession. It is pointless here to reason about the ramifications of such blind attitude without even considering the talents and ambitions of their children. Nevertheless, the medical profession has become a coveted position for the parents in India.


MBBS Admission

Do you dream to become MBBS doctor? Then Direct admission in MBBS is the process to fulfil that dream. MBBS is one of the most sought-after professional courses in India.

Generally, people from the middle, upper-middle, and upper class have no issue in going for MBBS admission in private colleges. It is well within their budget to get a seat from management quota in private medical colleges. If we take a close look at the trends in private medical college admission, we will get a clear picture about this scenario. There has been a huge demand for management seats in MBBS, and students from the economically higher class of society opt for management quota in private medical colleges. Here many people are being misguided or cheated by fraudulent consultancies or agents who knowingly lead them to medical institutions that have no infrastructure, qualified faculty or sometimes proper approval from the concerned authorities to run the medical courses. Generally, such people take the advantage of gullible parents and make them pay.

Here many people are being misguided or cheated by fraudulent consultancies or agents who knowingly lead them to medical institutions that have no infrastructure, qualified faculty or sometimes proper approval from the concerned authorities to run the medical courses. Generally, such people take the advantage of gullible parents and make them pay an astronomical amount of money as a donation. And in return, they get a sub-standard education. It might even jeopardize their children’s future career prospect as a medical doctor.

What you should know before admission ?

In order to fulfill his lifelong dream, one should be very much cautious about choosing the correct guidance. You may find crooks potentially everywhere acting as expert educational consultants. Their only aim is to rob you of your money, your dream and your child’s future. To get MBBS direct admission in a good medical college, you need expert guidance. Don’t ever look for shortcuts just to save few bucks. Proper guidance from a well experienced MBBS consultancy can save a lot of money, time and even save your child’s future. Before seeking admission in MBBS you need to find detailed information regarding the following questions.


  •  fee details ( you need to plan your budget)
  •  Admission criteria at various colleges.
  • MBBS eligibility for different courses
  • Course details from different institutions
  • Best MBBS institutes in different states along with the details of specializations that suit your particular requirement, budget, future plans etc.

They definitely have some more questions like the following


  • Is NEET entrance exam is the only eligibility criteria for MBBS admissions in India?
  • Is there any MBBS direct admission? If so what is the MBBS direct admission fee?
  • How many medical seats are there in each state?
  • Is there any specific standards for MBBS admission in private medical colleges?
  • Is there any management quota seats? If so what is the fee for management quota fees?
  • Is there any availability for admission in MBBS without donation?
  • Is there any changes in rules for MBBS admission?

If a student wants to be a medical doctor in his or her life, they must need expert guidance from the very beginning. They should get good advice from qualified professionals about the procedures for direct admission mbbs and various prerequisites. They might have various queries about direct admission mbbs through management quota and it is not a good time to speculate. Now day’s parents are more concerned with the future of their children. So along with students their parents to need proper counseling about this whole procedure.


Ultimately, parents are the providers. They should get information about everything early enough so that they will get enough time to arrange necessary monetary resources for the admission and further education. A professional educational agency can help you tremendously here to get management quota seats in mbbs into the correct medical college that will suit your budget and future career. A professional MBBS admission consultant can quickly find solutions to the problems which can happen at any stage of this admission process.

Whenever we meet a parent or a student who is looking for MBBS admission, we make sure to give the best possible guidance to them. Because from the depth of our mind we know that we are helping them to fulfill their life’s dream. Dream of a parent to see his or her child as a doctor and live a dignified and respectable life. Life of a student, he or she wants to become a medical doctor and get settled in life in a prestigious way. We have witnessed the fulfillment of an enormous number of dreams through our career as an educational consultancy. For us, this instances of joy, happiness, and satisfaction that we see in our client’s life give us the biggest reward. It really out-weigh the money we charge for our services.

Summary of our services


  • Student Guidance Service
  • Admission Counselling
  • Career Guidance
  • Team of Highly Qualified and Experienced Consultants with wide contacts in Medical Education field
  • Highly competitive fee package
  • Liaison with Academic Institutions, Colleges, Universities
  • Hassle free Processing
  • Provides a list of Colleges & University across Bangalore and Karnataka.
  • Colleges Admission Fee Structure.
  • Detailed Guidelines and Guidance for the different options of present and future Career Opportunities.
  • Admission Procedure, Form filling, timelines, Exam schedule, etc.

As a top-rated education consultancy with 100% safe and genuine admission records, we provide direct admission MBBS to NEET eligible students.

We would always show the honest and clear picture of the admission procedure as well as the fee details to students and their parents. There won’t be any ambiguity pertaining to anything in the admission process. We won’t surprise students or parents with any last minute unexpected cost. Everything will be shown up front and it greatly helps students to plan their financials.


If you or someone from your relatives, friends or colleagues are worried about getting a direct medical admission in anywhere in India, ask them to contact us. It could be one of the best ways you can get some relief to them. We will take care of each and every student and parents who come us for direct admission mbbs guidance with 100% care and responsibility. That is why we have become one of the top most medical consultancies in India.

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We offer direct admission under Management Quota/NRI Quota in various colleges in different course domain.

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