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Are you a medical Student who completed MBBS and now wants to take  the next step in your medical career by pursuing a postgraduate in Medicine? If you said yes, then MD MS PG Medical Course is the right opportunity for you. 

What? Thinking about how you would get NEET PG admission or MD MS PG Medical Admission through Management quota in top Private Medical colleges of Bangalore? Well, you don’t need to worry about it, as our PG Medical Admission Consultancy EduCareer360 is here to help you out. 

With the help of our expert counsellor team, you would be able to know about the procedure of direct admission in MD MS PG Medical Course in your Desired college of India. 

But before moving further let us discuss in-depth about MD MS Course. 

At Educareer360 we offer complete MD MS PG Medical Admission counselling and help with admission procedures as well. If you have any doubts linked with MD MS PG Medical admission in Private medical colleges of India then we are always here to help you out. 

Eligibility for MD MS PG Medical Admission?

The eligibility criteria to take admission in any of the courses of MD MS is very simple and easy. Here it is.

  1. You must have an MBBS degree with a minimum of 50% marks from any institution that is recognized by the Medical Council of India.
  2. Completing one year of an internship on or prior to 31st June of that academic year is mandatory.
  3. You must hold a provincial or permanent certificate issued by the MCI or State Medical Council.
  4. Passing the National Eligibility Entrance Test Post Graduate (NEET-PG) Entrance Examination which is conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE) as the admissions for PG Medical seats are done on the basis of All India Rank of this entrance examination.


NEET PG Eligibility Criteria 2023 For AIQ 50% Seats

There are slightly different criteria for the medical students of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir to appear in the NEET PG entrance examination. Here it is:

  • Students from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir will not get seats under the All-India Quota (AIQ).
  • Students from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir, who have been allotted government medical colleges are eligible for All India 50% Quota.
  • Students from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir have to provide a duly signed affidavit stating that the candidate got to the college through the centralized counselling, along with a printout of the acknowledgement of submission of the NEET PG Application Form to appear in the NEET PG exam. The submission of the declaration has to be done at the office of the Deputy Director (Examination).

NEET PG Eligibility Criteria 2023 For Foreign Medical Graduates

National Board of Examinations (NBE) has declared different eligibility criteria for the Indian students who have pursued their primary education in the medical field from the colleges that are outside India and for overseas citizens. If you are from India but have pursued your primary education in a college from outside India or a foreign citizen, you need to follow these criteria to appear in the NEET PG exam.

  • You must qualify for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) (Screening Test).
  • You must get yourself registered with the Medical Council of India/State Medical Council (MCI/SMC).
  • You must have completed your required internship as prescribed by the National Board of Examinations (NBE).
  • You must bring your FMGE Pass certificate issued by NBE On the day of conduction of NEET PG 2023.
NEET PG Eligibility Criteria 2023 For Foreign Citizens: 

If you are a foreign citizen and want to appear for the NEET PG examination then here are the eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil.

  1. Since 2019, foreign students don’t need to register with the Medical Council of India (MCI) to appear in the NEET-PG examination.
  2. When you fill the registration fee, at that time MCI is authorized to provide you with the temporary registration. As per the NEET PG eligibility criteria, this temporary registration will be valid only for the duration of the post-graduation course. Also, this registration will be valid only for the college/institution in which you want to take admission for your post-graduation course.
  3. To get temporary registration, you must register with the competent registering authority of your country.

In case if you are looking for NEET PG Rank based admission in MD MS course then Educareer360 can help you out. 

We can even help you out with MD MS PG Medical Admission through management quota or direct admission in MD MS seat. 

We have a team of experienced counselors who will help you with every process of admission easily. 

List of Branches for MD Admission

Doctor Of Medicine or also commonly known as MD is a postgraduate course that is the first choice of all the MBBS students. This course gives you detailed knowledge of the subjects related to the medical field. Though there are various branches available under MD course but out of them only few branches are in demand for MD Admission. Those are: –

MD Radiology, MD Dermatology, MD General Medicine, MD Pediatrics, MD TB Chest /Pulmonary Medicine, MD Anaesthesia, MD Pathology, MD Emergency Medicine, MD Pathology, MD Radiation Oncology / Radiotherapy. 

MD Radiology

MD Dermatology

MD General Medicine

MD Pediatrics

MD TB Chest /Pulmonary Medicine

MD Anaesthesia

MD Pathology

MD Emergency Medicine

MD Radiation Oncology / Radiotherapy

List of Branches for MS Admission

Masters In Surgery, also commonly known as MS, is another preferred course by most MBBS students. This course gives you detailed knowledge related to surgery. 

This course is created to give detailed knowledge of surgical skills to the doctors to give them the validity that they can perform the major and minor surgeries on the human body. This course also focuses on giving the experience to the doctors by teaching them and giving them the chance of studying the structure of the human body.

As your experience grows in your field you would be able to come across many such opportunities and it enhances the monetary terms as well.

The Common Branches which are mostly sought by MBBS graduate for pursuing their career are: –

Ms Gynaecology, Ms General Surgery, Ms Ophthalmology, Ms ENT, Ms Orthopaedics.

Ms Gynaecology

Ms General Surgery

Ms Ophthalmology


Ms Orthopaedics

Why choose MD MS course? 

There are plenty of reasons because of which you should be opting for MD MS as a course and career. Let us have a look at those reasons: 

  • The first major reason is when you get into MD MS PG Medical course you are not left with one career option, you can explore multiple options. 

There are plenty of options to choose from based on your likings and what you want to do. 

  • The biggest reason is if you have a MBBS degree and want to move forward in your career? If yes, then you can opt for an MD MS degree, with the help of which you can either get into the field of medicines, or into surgery.
  • No matter which career option you get into after completion of your PG Medical course you will end up getting into a well-respected profession. 
  • If we compare the salary of an employee with a generic graduation degree with a PG Medical graduate salary then you would be able to notice that MD MS graduates are offered better average salary than others.
  • You would be able to land into a safe and trusted profession after completion of your MD MS course, this also becomes a reason why you should choose PG Medical. 
NEET PG Age Limit: 

NEE PG criteria has no specified age or age limit to appear in NEET PG examination 2022. The only necessary thing is that you must have the MBBS degree or a certificate recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI) along with the compulsory internship certificate to become eligible for the examination.

Process of Educareer 360 for MD MS PG Course Admission

In the above section we have discussed the MD MS PG Medical Admission eligibility, which is if you just need to make sure that you have got a MBBS degree which you have passed with a minimum of 50% marks. Also, it’s important for every MD MS aspirant that they have done a 6 months internship with any reputed hospital before getting into this course. 

Along with that qualification MBBS graduates have to go for NEET PG exam conducted by NBE and get themselves qualified in that examination for becoming eligible for MD MS PG Medical Admission.

Once PG Medical Aspirants get Qualified they can get in touch with our expert counsellors who can help you with every aspect of PG Medical admission in private medical colleges of Bangalore they can fill out the form below and one of our teammates will get in touch with you. 

Our Counsellors of Educareer 360 follow two important process for MD MS Admission: –

1. Based on your NEET PG Rank.

At Educareer360 we can help you in providing minimum budget Medical PG seats in Private Medical colleges for MD MS PG Medical Admission on the basis of your NEET PG Rank.

When we talk about Admission Based on NEET PG Rank, in such a situation our expert team will get in touch with you to provide information about the seat options and budget required for the MD MS course admission based on your NEET PG Rank.

The better the rank, the easier it would be for you to get a PG Medical seat. We understand the challenges that students face when it comes to securing PG Medical admission into their desired Medical colleges. With our expert guidance and support, we can help you make the most of your NEET PG rank and secure Postgraduate Medicine admission into the college of your choice.

Our team comprises experienced professionals who are well-versed with the admission process and can help you prepare an impressive application that showcases your strengths and accomplishments. We will guide you through the entire MD MS admission process, from shortlisting the colleges of your preferences till the final stage of Admission.

2. MD MS PG Medical Admission through Management / NRI Quota

For the past 12 years, Educareer360 has been helping students secure admission into some of the top colleges in India through the management and NRI quotas. With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the admission process, we have helped countless students achieve their dreams of pursuing a PG Medical course.

We understand that securing admission into a top college can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to MD MS PG medical admission through management / NRI quotas. With limited seats available under these quotas, it is essential to have an edge over other applicants. That’s where our expertise comes in.

Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed with the admission process and has a deep understanding of the requirements of different colleges. We work closely with our students to understand their aspirations and provide customized solutions that help them stand out from the competition.

At our company, we are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals and succeed in their careers. We believe that education is the key to unlocking one’s full potential, and we are dedicated to helping our students achieve their highest potential

So if you have Qualified in NEET PG Exam but your Marks / Rank is low and want to study MD MS PG Medical course then you are just a call away from us. So Don’t just wait . Get in touch with us today and we will help you in getting MD MS PG Medical admission through Management / NRI quota irrespective of your low marks / Rank . 

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  • Our team has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the admission criteria, eligibility requirements, and selection processes of various medical programs.
  • We help you stay updated with the latest admission notifications and deadlines, neet pg management quota fees, MD MS PG Medical Management quota fees, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to apply.

Lastly , At EduCareer360, we are committed to helping you achieve your dream of pursuing postgraduate studies in medicine. Contact us at +91 96320 14613 today to learn more about our Direct  MD MS PG Medical Admission services and start your journey towards a bright future in the medical field.

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