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Are you someone who is fascinated with all the movements made by humans and have this thought in your mind that how we are humans are able to make sure movements? If yes, then we think Bachelor of Physiotherapy is the right course for you. 

In short it is known as BPT, and within this course you would be able to learn a number of things about physical movements, the science behind those movements, how to prevent diseases linked with physical movements and more. 

In this post we are going to discuss everything about the BPT Course. If you are someone who wants to know more about this course, BPT management quota admission or BPT Direct admissions in Bangalore then make sure to follow this post till the end. 

At Educareer360 we offer complete BPT course counseling and help with BPT admission procedures as well. If you have any doubts linked with BPT admission in top colleges of Bangalore then we are always here to help you out. 

Course name Bachelor of Physiotherapy
SyllabusEnglish, Basic Nursing, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Biomechanics, Pharmacology, Pathology, Exercise Therapy, General Surgery, General Medicine, Neuro-Physiology, 
Salary On average BPT Graduates are offered a salary of between INR 20,000 to INR 25,000 per month. Although as the experience increases you would be able to expect a better salary. 
Fees The fee structure of BPT Course starts from INR 1,50,000 – INR 5 Lakh. This course is available in Government Colleges as well because of which you can expect less fee at those colleges. 
Job opportunities Physiotherapist, Lecturer, Osteopath, Therapy Manager, Sports Physio Rehabilitator 
Eligibility 12th Passed in Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, & Biology with at least 50% marks. There are a few colleges who carry forward entrance exams for BPT admissions. 
Age limit 18 years – 25 years 
Full form Bachelor of Physiotherapy 
Degree type UG
Subjects Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Sociology, English, Computer Science, Health Care, Environment Science, Basics in Computer Applications 
About BPT Course

Bachelor of Physiotherapy is basically a 4 years undergraduate course within which you would be able to learn about the science behind movement of the human body, not just that it focuses on physical movements along with preventing disabilities. 

It is a very serious profession which is the only reason it is mandatory to go for a 6 months internship after your course completion. Within this internship you would be able to learn about how things work, building systems, managing patients, curing disabilities and more. 

Right after completion of this course your career will not be limited to a certain option, but you would be able to take advantage of a number of options such as you can become a physiotherapist, physio rehabilitator, osteopath, consultant and more. 

As your experience grows in your field you would be able to come across many such opportunities and it enhances the monetary terms as well.

Why choose BPT? 

There are plenty of reasons why you should be opting for a BPT course as a career. Let us have a look at those reasons: 

  • The first major reason is when you get into BPT you are not left with one career option, you can explore multiple options. Such as you can get into physiotherapy, if you have thoughts of getting into a sports related job then you can get into sports physio rehabilitator. 

There are plenty of options to choose from based on your likings and what you want to do. 

  • No matter which career option you get into after completion of your BPT course you will end up getting into a well respected profession. 
  • If we compare the salary of an employee with a generic graduation degree with a BPT graduate salary then you would be able to notice that BPT graduates are offered better average salary than others.
  • You would be able to land into a safe and trusted profession after completion of your BPT course, this also becomes a reason why you should choose BPT. 
Expertise of a BPT Expert?

Although there are a number of expertise a BPT graduate should have, the major expertise is to rehabilitate patients back to normal without medicines by the use of exercise and other such tactics. 

When we talk about the expertise of a BPT expert we include things like orthopedics, neurology, sports medicine, cardiopulmonary and more. 

Along with their skills, there are a few things a BPT graduate should be expert in, which are as follows: 

  • The person should be expert in time management as well, with the help of which they can easily manage their work and other stuff within provided deadlines. 
  • Whenever you are into the medical and health business you should always have great patience. If you are not having patience then you would not be able to succeed in your life. 
  • Whenever you will work as a BPT professional you would be asked to work in a team, hence you need to make sure that you have amazing team working skills. 
Reasons to pursue BPT

Here is the list of reasons because of which you should pursue BPT: 

  • The biggest reason is if you are in love with the science of physical movement and how your body works, then you should surely opt for this profession. As it is always suggested that you should work in a profession which you love. 
  • The second reason to pursue BPT is, if you are someone who wants to get a job as soon as possible then this option is for you. Because while opting for BPT you would be able to get a job within 4 years and 6 months. 

Which means the first 4 years would be the learning phase. While the last 6 months would be a mandatory internship. 

Right after completing your internship you would be able to get a job. 

  • The third reason to pursue BPT is you would be able to get a better salary package as compared to other graduates. It has been noticed that you would be able to earn between INR 20,000 to INR 25,000 per month right after completing your BPT degree and the internship period. 
BPT Course Eligibility

The BPT Course eligibility criteria is simple; you just need to make sure that you have got a minimum of 50% marks in 12th class with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

In most of the colleges you would be able to get BPT admission on the basis of these factors. While there are a few colleges who have their entrance exams, on the basis of which you will be getting the BPT admission in Bangalore.

In case if you are looking for BPT management quota admission in top BPT colleges of Bangalore, then you can get in touch with us. 

We have a team of experienced counselors who will help you with every process of admission easily. 

BPT Admission

In the above section we have discussed the BPT Course eligibility, if you have the minimum eligibility with you, then you would be able to get admission. On the other hand there are a few colleges where you would firstly have to clear the minimum eligibility criteria of getting 50% marks in 12th class. 

Along with that you would also have to give an entrance test. On the basis of the merit of that entrance test you would be able to get admission in your favorite college. 

In case you are unaware of these things and want to make sure that you get admission at the right time, then we would suggest you to get in touch with our expert counselors who can help you with every aspect of BPT admission in top Physiotherapy colleges in Bangalore. 

BPT Course Application Process

If you want to take admission in top BPT colleges in Bangalore, then firstly you need to make sure that you have done 12th in Science with physics, chemistry, and biology with at least 50% passing marks. 

Once that part is fulfilled by your end, then you can fill the form on our website regarding the admission.

With the help of which our expert consultants would be able to get in touch with you to help you get direct admission in paramedical courses of your choice. 

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BPT Course Selection Process

The BPT course is a wide option within which you would be able to get a number of course options along with different syllabus and studies. 

But, the issue is when we are offered with a number of options like this. We usually get confused about which one we should pick. 

Hence to solve this issue we have one tip, you should move forward or opt for the paramedical course which you think you love doing or learning about. 

Second and more practical advice that can actually help you in the BPT course selection process is, you can get in touch with our expert consultants.

They’ll help you out firstly in selecting the course, and secondly they will help you with the overall selection process and getting direct admission in BPT in top Physiotherapy colleges in Bangalore. 

Entrance Exam For BPT Course

 If you are not qualified in NEET and want BPT admission then you should opt for Physiotherapy colleges in Bangalore as Physiotherapy admissions are not based on NEET Rank, in your favorite colleges in Bangalore.

Want to take admission in top colleges of Bangalore for getting into BPT course? If yes, then you can fill the form attached.

Right after submitting your form, our team will get in touch with you to help you out with consultation and getting direct admissions in paramedical courses. 

Our experts are the best in helping with BPT admissions in top colleges of Bangalore. Hence you would be able to get direct admission in BPT courses in top colleges. 

Preparation Guidelines 

Here’s one preparation guideline that you should follow for preparing yourself for the entrance exam and that is to clear all your doubts around the Science and Biology subject of your class 11th & 12th.

Because most of the entrance exam questions for the BPT course come from these two things. There are no such books or courses that can help you with the preparation, just make sure that you are all clear around Science and Biology of class 11th and 12th. 

BPT Courses 

BPT is a single course within which you would be able to select various subjects as per your likings. 

Top Colleges for BPT Course
  • Ramaiah College of Physiotherapy 
  • The Oxford College of Physiotherapy
  • Vydehi college of Physiotherapy 
  • B R Ambedkar College of Physiotherapy 
  • Akash College of Physiotherapy
  • East Point College of Physiotherapy
  • Harsha College of Physiotherapy
  • KIMS College of Physiotherapy
  • Dayananda Sagar College of Physiotherapy

      And many more … 

BPT Course Fee Structure 

Average annual fee for BPT courses in Bangalore starts from INR 1,50,000 and goes up to INR 5 lakh. Although if you want to get admission in a good college with a decent fee then you can opt for scholarships.  

BPT Course Syllabus & Subjects 

Here is the list of subjects you would have to study throughout the time of 4 years: 

  • English 
  • Basic Nursing 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Physiology 
  • Anatomy 
  • Biomechanics 
  • Sociology 
  • Pathology 
  • Exercise Therapy 
  • Microbiology 
  • Laws in Treatment 
Career Options for BPT Graduates 

The list of career options you can get as a BPT graduate are as follows: 

  • Medical Coding Job 
  • Hospitals 
  • Prescribing Remedial Exercises 
  • Balance Evaluation 
  • Aid-in-home Evaluation 
Salary of BPT Graduate

The starting salary of BPT graduates are INR 20,000-25,000 per month which goes upto INR 40,000-50,000 per month based on your experience in the field. 

Skills Required for BPT Course 
  • Time management 
  • Easy to grasp new things 
  • Patience 
  • Tolerance 
  • Team Working skills 
  • Interpersonal skills 
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