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BPT Admission in Bangalore

BPT Admission in Bangalore

If you are looking for BPT admission in Bangalore, then you have indeed come at a right place. Bachelor of physiotherapy is considered as a medical profession in which you help out the people who are suffering from illness, injury and disability by the medium of exercise as well as the physical therapies. They also use modern tools such as stimulator, heat therapy, electric massagers etc. in curing and treating different kinds of physical deformities. If you pursue Physiotherapy course in Bangalore, then you are indeed going to be in a great demand as these days there has been increase in physical distortions and malfunctions. So, in order to do so you would have to select good physiotherapy colleges in Bangalore.

BPT admission in Bangalore

Eligibility criteria for BPT Admission in Bangalore

BPT is known to be a 4.5 years course after which the student can practice physiotherapy as a profession. There are a few entrance examinations in order to enter top physiotherapy colleges in Bangalore. But, if in case you fail to bring good marks, then you won’t have to worry as we can help you out in direct admission in BPT. But in order to do so, you would have to pass the higher secondary education with 50% marks in science stream with biology as the compulsory subject. Some of the subjects that you will come across in BPT are Anatomy, Exercise therapy, Neuro-physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy.

Job profile after studying from BPT colleges in Bangalore

Physiotherapists are known to be trained professionals who work in the health care sector. They are trained in such a way that they can easily alleviate the suffering and pain, restore the mobility as well as prevent the permanent disability in the patients. The role of the physiotherapist is restorative, preventative and rehabilitative.

Job Profile

The job profile includes measuring, testing and treating the neurological, musculoskeletal, pulmonary as well as cardiovascular conditions that is caused by injury, illness and congenital disorders.

  • Treat the healed fracture of the sprain, bones as well as neurological disorders that is caused by the infection, trauma, paralysis etc.
  • Use of therapeutic agents such as radiation, heat , electricity, massage , water and exercise to cure the weak muscles that might be present as well as restore the joint movements.
  • Treat several muscular aberrations which is caused by cerebral palsy, polio, joint and bone injuries, muscle, heart and chest diseases that occur in patients of all the ages.
  • Treat the burn patients for the prevention of the restricted movement as well as abnormal scarring.
  • Also, work alongside the stroke patients such us to develop their operational independence as well as reviving the movement.
  • Work to improve the endurance among the cardiac and cancer patients.
  • Give the much needed therapy for the physical improvement as well as postural correction.
  • They are specialized in pediatric, cardiopulmonary, neurologic and sports physical therapy.

Job prospect as a physiotherapist

In India there are a lot of jobs that you can get as a physiotherapist such us in rehabilitation centers, private hospitals, sports and fitness centre, defense establishments as well as private consultant in different corporate sectors. Apart from that you can get a good job in government hospitals, mental health care centers as well as old age home. In addition, you can open your own clinic and earn lucrative profit. The work timing of a physiotherapist is also quite good as well as quite flexible.


The best part about this profession is that you won’t have to work in night shifts and thus you get a lot of time to spend with your family. Well, to be honest Physiotherapy as a profession is quite challenging but at the same time it is quite self satisfying as well as interesting. So, if you hold an interest in the serving the patients as well as augmenting their fitness and health levels , then this career choice is ideal for you that you can certainly opt for.

Final Words

The main specialty of a physiotherapist is to maintain as well as develop the ability of a person to work in a right way. Apart from that, they also promote independence as well as wellness as they easily understand the ability of a body to move as well as different kinds of problem that are related to the movements. So, Bachelor of physiotherapy is indeed a very good course that you can select in the medical field and it also has a great future in terms of job prospects. Also, Physiotherapy course fees are quite affordable especially for the one who has deep interest in the medical field. So, there is a List of physiotherapy colleges in Bangalore that you can select to pursue the physiotherapy course. For More Information Related to BPT Admission , Feel Free to reach us and we will help you getting admitted in top BPT Colleges in Bangalore.

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