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What is NEET eligibility criteria for MD MS Admission through management quota in Bangalore, India?

MD is the postgraduate degree for general medicine. While on the other hand, MS is a postgraduate degree in general surgery. MS is for the people who want to go into the field, which deals with surgical practices and skills. MD is a sort of branch which is more non-surgical. The scopes of both degrees are mostly the same. The difference is that MS graduates try to become a surgeon and the MD graduates which to become a physician.

When it comes to MD and MS degrees, there are different specializations available that you can opt for. For MD, the various available specializations are-

  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • neurology and anesthesiology
  • cardiology
  • endocrinology
  • gynecology
  • internal medicine
  • pediatric
  • psychiatry
  • dermatology
  • radio diagnosis
  • Pathology
  • orthopedics.

Coming to Ms degree, the different specializations available are-

  • pediatric surgery
  • plastic surgery
  • cardiothoracic surgery
  • urology
  • cardiac surgery
  • cosmetic surgery
  • ENT
  • ophthalmology
  • gynecology
  • obstetrics
  • orthopedics.

An MD or MS graduate can use their skills by joining a medical college as a teaching faculty, or they can start their own practice. The graduate can also apply for government health sector jobs in corporate hospitals. Both of the degrees are incredibly good, but of course, it matters about a student’s interest and their aptitude. In India, the number of MD and MS aspirants are almost equal.

MD and MS admission scenario

Usually, when getting admission for an MD or MS degree is considered, the ideal choice of the students is NEET PG medical entrance examinations. However, it is not easy for an average student to crack this entrance exam in the first attempt. Sometimes the students take a gap of one year to prepare properly for this exam. But everyone might not prefer to make a difference of one year from their academic life.

In this case, MD MS admission through management quota is the perfect option for these students. But this option is only beneficial if you get the right kind of professional and experienced guidance. The medical profession is one of the most respected and coveted jobs today.

Earlier, the MD MS admission process was comparatively a whole lot easier. But now the scenario is changing with each passing day. The vacant seats for the degrees could be earlier filled by the private Board members of the medical colleges. But now the NEET entrance exam is compulsory given for the students who want to opt for direct admission. Only the students who are eligible for NEET can go for direct MD MS admission in India.

The first three rounds during admission are usually for the general candidates who have a good score in NEET exam. Then the process for direct admission starts in the last round, which is also known as mop-up rounds. The fees for MD MS admission through management quota are comparatively higher than the fees for general admission procedure.

Eligibility criteria for direct MDMS admission in India

NEET-PG is the only eligibility or ranking examination, which can let the students pursue any MD or MS course. According to section 10 of the Indian Medical Council act, 1956, no other examination apart from NEET can check for student’s eligibility for the MD MS course, irrespective of state or institution level.

As far as the management quota is concerned, a candidate has to score a minimum of 50 percentile of the highest marks obtained. Students also have to score at least 50 percentile with NRI quota in private medical colleges admission process. The eligibility criteria for NEET PG are as follows-

  • For the general category, the eligibility criteria are 50 percentile.
  • For SC and ST categories, the eligibility criteria is 40 percentile.
  • For the OBC category, the eligibility criteria is 45 percentile.

Apart from the eligibility criteria mentioned above, a candidate also has to possess an MBBS degree/ provisional MBBS pass certificate college or Institute, which is recognized as per the rules of the Indian Medical Council act. The candidate can either have a provisional registration certificate of MBBS or any violent qualification that is issued by the Medical Council of India or State Medical Council. They also must have completed one year of internship.

MD MS admission in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, or any other major city in India is possible if you have the correct career counselor and advisor who has experience in this field. And that is precisely where we come into the picture.

Final note.

We understand that the medical field is becoming more and more competitive with each passing day. Many parents start dreaming of their children becoming a doctor even when they are in High School. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that almost every parent wants their kid to receive a good quality education and have a successful career ahead. We totally understand and respect that dream you have, and we are here to make it a reality.

Today as far as the medical field is concerned, an MBBS degree is not enough to be entirely successful in the profession. If you want to get a job at one of the best hospitals out there, it is incredibly beneficial to get a specialization degree like MD or MS.

However, it is very common that students are orphaned misguided or cheated by fraud consultancies and agents who are only after money. The get the students admitted into medical institutions that have deplorable infrastructure, faculty who are not qualified, and even colleges which do not have any authorization.

You need to choose the correct educational consultancy who has years of experience in the field and can help the aspirants to get direct MD MS admission through management quota. We support the students to get admitted to a good, reputed medical institution. Before making any final decisions, we give you all the details about the different medical colleges that will suit your requirements and your budget.

When it comes to your career, we promise you the best services because your achievement is our goal. Direct admission processes through management quota in any field of study are entirely legal, and we make the entire process very smooth and for you. We welcome you with open arms to give us a try for accurate guidance and admission services.

You can reach out to us and drop any queries through our email ID- [email protected] .You can also contact us at +91-9632014613. Hope to see you soon.

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