Direct MBA Admission in India 2020-21: Eligibility, Admission Process

It’s time for you to get direct admission in top management schools in India without worrying about your scores in the entrance exams. Want to know how? Check all the details for direct MBA admission in India along with eligibility, admission procedure, best colleges, fees, and more information here.

MBA Admission in India

Today, the number of MBA aspirants is going up higher and higher with the passing years. And there are many colleges in India which offer direct MBA admission to the students, where they don’t even have to appear for any entrance exams. And when it comes to the immediate MBA admission scenario, the private universities and business schools have proved to be the best alternatives for the aspirants. No scores of any entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, or CMAT are required to enroll for the MBA programs of these universities. There are some quotas like management quota, NRI quota, and other reserved seats at these universities.

Before we get into the direct admission details, it is essential to know how an MBA degree can benefit your career. Why is the number of aspirants growing higher every year? It’s because the MBA program can help you get many benefits. And here are some of them-

An MBA course at a business school trains you with the latest skills and knowledge that will help you get a push in your career. The skills aren’t limited to jobs in just the finance or consulting industry. There are tons of other areas where they can be applied.

Having an MBA degree can help to increase the job security within the industry you are currently working in. Many recruiters do not recruit any employees to their forms without an MBA degree. That proves how essential this qualification is in the market today.

Most of the MBA programs offer specializations that allow a student to get in-depth knowledge about a particular industry. These courses the students to check out different industries or career options and see which is the best fit for them.

The top business schools allow you to interact with talented people from across the world. This helps to gain exposure and experience as you will face different cultures and opinions.

Here, we are going to provide you all the information you need to know regarding direct MBA admission in India without the need for any entrance exam score. You will get to know about the eligibility criteria, admission process, the top colleges where you can apply for the course, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Firstly, why do students apply for direct MBA in India?

  • The first reason might be that the students aren’t able to crack the entrance exams. The MBA entrance exams are challenging and very competitive. And the competition quotient doesn’t stay constant. Every year, it increases, and so does the number of aspirants. Hence many candidates find it difficult to get admission into top business schools.
  • Also, many brilliant business schools in India have rigorous selection standards when it comes to MBA admission. They have Harsh methods to check the academic background of any student. So even though a student performs exceptionally well in the entrance exam, they might not secure a seat because of their academic performance in the past years. Many deserving candidates do not get a chance, and they can opt for direct admission to MBA programs through management quota.
  • The premier business schools in India follow a standard admission process where the students are admitted according to their merit and not according to their choice of their preferred Business School. So there are many times when the students have no other option than to opt for direct admission in MBA colleges because they do not want to leave their City or hometown to join a Business School at a different location.

Is direct admission the right choice?

MBA Admission

You can get direct admission into MBA programs without any entrance examinations, and it’s definitely possible. In fact, for the students who do not want to prepare for MBA entrance exams or are not interested in securing a seat at top universities like IIMs and others, direct admission is a pretty good option for them. Even for the students who want to start their own business after getting the degree, direct MBA admission can be beneficial to them. They usually pursue the course only to acquire the required skills that are needed to start any business.

Also, the students seeking direct MBA admission are more flexible and are alright with securing a job that offers an average salary of 2 lacs to 6 lacs per annum. Because the top companies providing high salary packages usually recruit students from IIMs and other top business schools across India. However, private colleges can also offer good job profiles to the students during placements even though the salary package might be a little less as compared to the students from IIMs.

The private universities offering MBA courses to the students provide guaranteed placements to the students today. However, the fee for the course can be a little higher comparatively.

Eligibility criteria for direct MBA admission in India

Every business school in India has some essential eligibility criteria set for admission of the students. The MBA aspirants need to make sure that they are fulfilling the eligibility criteria so that they can apply for the MBA program. The different business schools have different eligibility criteria, which helps them to screen and select the students for admission. But there are some general eligibility criteria for getting direct admission. Here are some of them.

The aspirant should have scored a minimum of 65% at the undergraduate level. Usually, the percentage varies from university to university, but we are stating a general standard one. Often, there are no restrictions regarding the age limit to get direct admission into a business school for the MBA program. Additionally, as mentioned above, different colleges have diverse selection and screening rounds for the students. And many of the universities have a group discussion or personal interview round included in the process. And the admission also depends on the performance of the student in those rounds.

Factors to take care of before applying for Direct admission at any college

If a student is sure that he or she wants to apply for the MBA course directly, they need to think of some factors that should be considered. It is better if they make a list of MBA colleges where they can apply for direct admission for the MBA course. Because once they make a list it is easier to get more details about the placement of the college, the quality of education they maintain, and the fees of the course. Also, the students should visit the college in percent so that they can get an idea about the infrastructure, classrooms, and all the other facilities that the college provides.

Additionally, the candidates should also check whether the university or college has approval from AICTE or UGC. India has many private colleges that offer Management courses. But many of them do not have the authorization. The candidates can know the names of the AICTE and UGC approved colleges on the respective websites. It is beneficial if the students do not aim for one single college. They should rather keep alternative options and then choose the best one among them.

One of the more straightforward methods to obtain details about direct MBA admission to a particular Business School is bi checking out the website of the university or Institute that they want to join. These websites usually have forms where the students can input their details and receive a call later on with all the relevant information about the MBA program being offered by the Institute.

Direct MBA admission process in India

Similar to the eligibility criteria, the direct admission process for MBA in different business schools isn’t like the regular admission process. The authorities consider the profiles of the candidate along with the academic background during the screening process. So, the candidates who want to opt for direct admission should also try and build their profile correctly. The students can visit the Institute directly to apply for the MBA program, or they can go through this process online.

There are different states in India like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and more where do MBA colleges provide direct admission through management quota. The various private MBA colleges and business schools keep aside some seats for the students who apply through management quota. However, only a fixed percentage of the total number of seats are kept for these students. It is usually 20-25% of the total number of available seats. The exact number is typically present in the information brochure of the Institute. It is also present on the official website of the Institute, where students can check for direct MBA admission through management quota. The candidates are usually offered admission through the Recommendation of the administration of the college.

Generally, some amount of donations or a recommendation is required from the senior management to grab a management quota seat in one of the business schools across India.

Direct MBA admission for NRI/ foreign national candidates.

The NRI candidates or persons of Indian Origin (PIO) candidates can also get direct MBA admission without any entrance exams in many of the MBA colleges. Most of the MBA colleges and AICTE approved business schools have reserved seats for these kinds of candidates. The eligibility criteria for direct admission of the foreign candidates in the Gulf countries is that they should have the minimum educational qualification of graduation like mentioned. If they did not appear for any entrance exams to get admission in MBA, they could also appear for CET, which is conducted by the association of all colleges in a particular state.

Cities like Bangalore and Delhi have many colleges where you can apply for direct admission in the MBA course. Not only the above mentioned two cities, but there are many options across the different states. Here are some of the best business schools where you can enroll for direct admission in the MBA course-

  • Indus Business Academy- Bangalore
  • RV Institute of Management- Bangalore
  • Christ deemed university- Bangalore
  • Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences- Bangalore
  • MS Ramaiah Institute of Management- Bangalore
  • Millennium School of Business- Delhi
  • Amity University- Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon
  • Bridge School of Management- Gurgaon
  • Andhra Loyola College- Vijayawada
  • KITS- Guntur
  • Sigma Group of Institutes- Vadodara
  • Nirma University- Ahmedabad

Other than these, there are tons of different options that allow the students to apply for direct admission in the MBA course.


MBA admission in India can be a complicated and stringent process if it isn’t appropriately researched. Before deciding to apply for an MBA course at any business school or Institute, it is very essential to look into every aspect of the college so that you are sure about it. Because ultimately, it’s a matter of education and not just the degree. It is better to opt for a college that provides the best quality education, which will help you learn all the skills and knowledge that will later be required once you enter into the industry as a professional.

As one of the best MBA admission consultant in India, we want the best for the aspirants, and we will be there to guide you in every step of the way until you grab a seat in one of the top business schools in India. We make direct admission into business schools for an MBA course possible for you even without appearing for any entrance exams. We understand how competitive and tough the education field is right now. And we want to help the students who unintentionally couldn’t score well previously. They do not need to miss an academic year of their life, and we promise to make it possible for them to pursue an MBA course in one of the top business schools or institutes.

To know more about direct admission for MBA, you can reach out to us through our email ID- [email protected] or contact us on +91- 9632 014 613. You can also visit our official website to know about the services we provide.

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