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BDS Admission in Karnataka

If you are looking for BDS ADMISSION in Top Dental Colleges in Bangalore, then you have probably come at a right place. Once you have finished up your 12th Exam and have qualified in NEET UG Examination, then a lot of career options are available that the students can select based on their interest as well as desire. One such lucrative career is BDS course which would give you immense respect in the society alongside a handsome salary. But, this can only be possible as you take admission in top BDS colleges in Bangalore. Moreover, students find a lot of difficulty in selecting the right college for BDS admission and without proper guidance, they end up taking admission in colleges that are below par and doesn’t further them the platform to kick off. So, ideally get in touch with us, and we would guide you in the direct admission in bds without donation.

BDS Admission in Top Dental Colleges in Karnataka

We offer direct admission in BDS in top Dental colleges in Karnataka.

8 Killer career options after doing BDS from Top Dental colleges in Karnataka

Now, in the following article we are going to explain how BDS in Bangalore can be a lucrative career and the different career option that you can select after doing BDS course. The list has been mentioned below:-

This is probably the first option that you can select once you have finished up with the BDS course. It can be an excellent option if you are interested in higher studies and work as a lecturer in different dental colleges. Moreover, you can also opt for the following career if you have a family dental business. A lot of lecturers in the dental colleges are paid quite well, and you can surely opt for BDS if you have that desire.

The state, as well as the central government, comes up with the openings for the dentist in the government sector in various departments. A government job is considered to be quite a secure job, and it gives a lot of incentive in the form of pension schemes as well as insurance. The pay scale of the government jobs is also quite good. You can work in railway, army, etc. as a dentist.

Opening your private dental clinic can be a very good career option that you can select once you have finished up with the BDS course. But, before opening your very own dental clinic, make sure that you do proper research such that the place where you should open the dental clinic as well as the competition that might be present in that particular area. This process may take a little time to establish but once done it will give you fruitful results. There are a lot of individuals who are earning an excellent income after setting up their dental clinic.

It is one of the very best career options that you can choose once you have finished up with your BDS course. You would get the much-needed experience in Crown cutting, RCT, impactions, etc. and you can utilize these skills later on when you open up your clinic. By that time, you would also be able to manage the finance, patients, treatments as well as expenses.

MBA in hospital management is one of the trending career options that is going on among the fresh BDS graduates. The following career option has gained immense popularity in the field of dental science. A lot of BDS graduates are opting for MBA in hospital management while others are also selecting different streams in MBA. Many of them are cracking competitive exams such as CAT once done with the BDS course. You can fly high once you have finished up the MBA course after doing BDS. You need to make sure that you join a good management college such that you get recruited by top companies.

This is one of the lucrative career paths that you can select once you have finished up with your BDS course. You would be potentially getting unlimited earning opportunity alongside the luxury to work from home. You will earn money as well as fame and perhaps you won’t have to work as per fixed schedule. Make sure that you have enough patience in the following field as it may take a lot of time as well as efforts for the execution to take place.

Once you have finished up with your BDS course, then you can opt for a career path in clinical research. A lot of good hospitals such as Fortis, Apollo, etc. are hiring candidates for clinical research. You can even draw a good salary in the following position, and you would be getting a lot of career options abroad in the field of clinical research.

Masters in public health is an alternative career option that you can choose as a dentist. In earlier days, people used to do MPH such that they can settle down in western countries. Many colleges are offering MPH certificate program which is known to provide high value. Dentists who are looking to settle down in western countries are opting for MPH course after completing BDS. Many government companies, as well as corporate organizations, are looking out for candidates having masters in public health. In India, you can easily draw a salary of 40k per month as a fresher with MPH.

Final Words

Above is the list of the best career options that you can select once you have finished up with BDS. But, the most important thing is to complete the BDS course before opting for anything else. So, if you are looking for DIRECT ADMISSION IN BDS in top BDS colleges in Bangalore, then you have indeed come at a right place as we will guide you in the following career path and perhaps help you with BDS ADMISSION THROUGH MANAGEMENT QUOTA in Best Dental colleges in Karnataka. So, call us today for BDS Admission and shape your career ahead!

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