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The introduction of NEET by Government of India for MBBS/BDS course admission has made difficult for students to get into Medical courses in India. Many students become not eligible in the examination and could get into any Medical college and this is the reason for the rise in Demand for BAMS course in India as now many students are opting for BAMS Admission. India has an ancient and rich tradition that so few other can claim. It is a well-known fact that India has contributed immensely to different branches of knowledge like Astronomy, Mathematics, and Medicine. Hundreds of volumes of treaties were written on each of these subjects and still being used a reference even by foreign universities and research institutions.


BAMS Admission

Avail Genuine and affordable package for BAMS Admission in Bangalore. BAMS Admission has seen a great rise in its past years.

Ayurveda is one of the biggest contributions of India to the world. It is an ancient system of medical science which propagates a well-balanced eco-friendly and natural lifestyle for healthy living. Well known ancient Ayurveda physician Charaka ((6th – 2nd century BCE) is considered as the greatest contributor to the medicinal branch. In his famous work” Charaka Samhita”, he even mentions about medical surgery.Now the modern world has realized the greatness of Ayurveda Medical treatment and that opened up the floodgate of opportunities for Ayurveda medical practitioners. The recent revival of Ayurveda has actually created a severe shortage of skilled Ayurveda doctors.

Like any other services, a lot of unqualified and under-qualified people started practicing Ayurveda treatment to make quick money. These quacks have done a lot of harm to this ancient and sacred medicinal field. Lately, the government has understood the need for regulating Ayurveda Medical treatment to protect the sanctity of this medicinal system and keep the quacks and frauds away from exploiting the people. Now full-fledged Ayurveda Medical Colleges are there in almost every states and offering different specializations and general courses in Ayurveda Medicine known as BAMS Course.

What is BAMS ?

BAMS stands for Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. Just like MBBS course, BAMS admission has got its own rules and regulations. BAMS admissions procedures have been evolved into more systematic and professional nowadays. After the BAMS graduation, students can go for specialization in different branches of Ayurveda medicine. Since Ayurveda is more effective in dealing with lifestyle disease like diabetes, increased blood pressure, increased body weight, depression, and anxiety, body pain etc. more and more people around the world has turned towards this indigenous Indian system of medicine. This resulted in the increased demand of trained Ayurvedic Doctors who can treat these illnesses in a systematic way.


Through a controlled and systemized Ayurvedic training programs like BAMS Course, this problem has been mostly solved. Now every year, hundreds of well-trained Ayurveda doctors are coming out from Ayurvedic Medical Colleges to meet the needs of growing number of domestic and foreign patients. Since Ayurveda has become a highly sought after method of treatment, more and more talented students started enrolling for BAMS Course. Now every state in India has got a good number of Ayurvedic Medical Colleges. BAMS admission eligibility is same as MBBS and direct admission to BAMS is possible in many Ayurvedic Medical Colleges.


Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), New Delhi is the central authority in India to regulate and control BAMS Courses in various Ayurveda medical colleges. In order to get admission to a recognized Ayurvedic medical college, one should be very much cautious about choosing the correct guidance. You many find frauds everywhere acting as experienced educational consultants. They have only one goal in their mind that is to rob you of your cash, your dream, and your future. To get direct admission in BAMS or specifically BAMS direct admission in Bangalore, you need expert guidance.


Don’t ever look for shortcuts just to save a small amount of money. Good guidance from an expert educational consultancy can help you to save a lot of money, time and even save your future. If a student wants to be an Ayurvedic doctor from a recognized institution, he or she must need expert guidance from the very beginning. They should get good advice from qualified professionals about the BAMS admission procedure and various other factors.


They might have a number of questions about different things and it is not a good time to guess about anything. As a matter of fact, parents are now more anxious about the future of their children. So it is necessary to give proper counseling to their parents along with students. In the end, parents are the bill payers. We are particular about giving accurate information about the BAMS fees in private colleges.


They should get information about everything early enough so that they have enough time to manage monetary resources. An experienced and professional educational agency is able to help you enormously here to get into the correct Ayurveda medical college that will complement your budget and future career plan.A professional educational consultant can swiftly find answers to the problems which can happen at any points of this admission steps.


Whenever we meet a parent or a student who are looking for BAMS admission, we try to give the best possible direction to them. Because we do believe that we are helping them to accomplish their life’s dream. Dream of a parent to see his or her child as a doctor and live an honorable and decent life.

We know that we are going to positively touch the life of a student; he or she wants to become a doctor and get settled in life in an esteemed way. We have seen the fulfillment of a massive number of dreams through our services as an educational consultancy.


For us, these occurrences of joy, happiness, and satisfaction that we see in our client’s life give us the main reward. It really goes well beyond the monetary remuneration which we charge for our services.

Summary of our services


  • Student Guidance Service
  • Admission Counselling
  • Career Guidance
  • Team of Highly qualified and Experienced Consultants with wide contacts in Medical education field
  • Highly competitive fee package
  • Liaison with Academic Institutions, Colleges, Universities
  • Hassle free Processing
  • Provides Admission in BAMS college of Bangalore
  • Colleges Admission Fee Structure.
  • Admission Procedure, Form filling, timelines, Exam schedule, etc.

We would always show the honest and clear picture about the BAMS admission procedure as well as the fee details to students and their parents. There won’t be any vagueness relating to anything in the admission process. We won’t shock students or parents with any last minute unexpected cost. Everything will be shown upfront and it greatly help students to plan their financials.


Currently we are offering BAMS admission in Bangalore for Ayurvedic colleges in Karnataka. So, feel free to call us as admission in BAMS has been started . And also call us to know the recognized BAMS College in Bangalore with their total package for complete course.

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