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Allied Health Science Courses

Allied Health Science courses

In India, there is great demand of becoming a doctor in India. But, it really involves a lot of investment of time as well as money. This is virtually not possible for everyone. Also, there are a lot of alternatives available in the medical field and here is when the Allied health science courses come into play. They can provide you a sound career and at a very less investment and time. A student can easily pursue it at an affordable price. Allied health science professionals are those who precisely do a blood test or massage or therapy as well as help out the doctors for the better treatment of the patient. The professional help out the doctors in providing help in specialized areas as well as provide great facilities in terms of providing better treatment, diagnosis and therapy. Also, there are been increase in the number of patients and hence BSC allied health science scope increases. This has also increased the job aspects for the students who are pursuing BSC allied health science courses and thus they help in providing better human health care.

A great career prospect

Allied Health science courses are quite in boom these days and if you are looking for a sound career in this particular field then it is important that you opt for BSc allied health science colleges in Bangalore.


Eligibility criteria & Selection process for allied health science courses in Bangalore

  • The duration of the program is three years and then you would have to complete six months of internship once the program is finished. Also, the minimum age that is required for admission is 17 years while the maximum age is 35 years.
  • In addition, you would need to score 50% overall marks with physics, chemistry and mathematics as the main subject.
  • Further, the selection of the students is based purely on the marks that they scored in physics, chemistry and biology in the qualifying examination. In few of the cases, interview is also taken for the selection process.

Courses under Allied Health Sciences are as follows:-


Medical Imaging Technology


Respiratory Care Technology


Medical Lab Technology

TB Chest Course

Perfusion Technology


Operation Theatre Technology


Optometry Technology

cardiac care

Cardiac Care Technology


Renal Dialysis Technology


Anaesthesia Technology

Job prospects after completing Allied Health science courses

There is a great career prospect once that have completed BSc allied health science courses in Bangalore. Some of them have been mentioned below:-

Certified Occupational Therapy assistant are quite in demand these days. With this profession, you are entitled to get the best possible job security and the jobs are expected to grow at 43% by the end of 2024.


COTAs in general are the medical professionals who assist the patients who are recovering from a disease or injury and at the same time they also help out the disabled patients. In general, they get employment in outpatient rehab centers as well as hospitals and they aim to help out the patients by teaching them the necessary skills that is required in day to day life.


COTAs also work alongside the supervising Occupational Therapist. They are indeed responsible for monitoring as well as executing the treatment plans that has been taken care by the OT.

Another fast growing allied health career is that of a Physical Therapist assistant. They are known to have a growth rate of 40% in the next eight years. Physical Therapist assistants work alongside the patients who are recovering from different kinds of injury. They also help them out to use different functional aides as well as help them out to perform different kinds of exercises as well as provide them the much needed education about the aftercare.


These kinds of professionals can easily work in different kinds of environment and they can easily get the employment in hospitals, health care services etc. PTAs also work directly in collaboration with a Physical Therapist. Their primary role is to implement the recovery plans that have been outlined by the Physical Therapist.


Apart from that, the role of the PTAs is also to document the progress of the patient for the PTs to review. Since the introduction of physical therapy mobile apps as well as software, the job of the PTA has become quite easy for both the patient as well as professional.

Speech language pathologists are quite in boom and it is expected to grow by about 21% in the next 10 years. SLPs can easily find a job in wide sectors such as private healthcare offices as well as public school system. Speech language pathologists are the one that work quite closely with the patients who have swallowing and communication disorder. Their role is to evaluate, treat and diagnose such kinds of patients. If you like working alongside children’s, then this job profile is quite ideal for you. Also, there is a great scope in terms of the stroke recovery.

Final Words

Allied Health science courses are quite in boom these days and if you are looking for a sound career in this particular field then it is important that you opt for BSc allied health science colleges in Bangalore. This will definitely help you to shape your career ahead as well as help you to climb on the ladder of success.

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